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A New Era: Enabling Payor & Provider Collaboration

Sep 14, 2017

In today’s rapidly changing health care environment, one silver lining for providers is payers’ increasing interest in collaboration.

Patients are switching insurance more frequently, often ending up with high-deductible plans. Meanwhile, providers face increasing amounts of paperwork, lowering the time they can spend on patient care. Providers and payers both benefit from increasing their partnership.

FierceHealthcare, an industry news organization, recently gathered about 20 payer and provider executives to discuss how collaboration can improve the patient experience. Their conversation covered:

  • Lowering costs to improve patient care
  • Payer relationships with providers and nontraditional providers
  • Technology and data-sharing to improve outcomes

More Time on Paperwork Means Less Time Elsewhere

Providers expressed frustration with the time and effort involved in completing prior authorizations, particularly when they’re under pressure to keep their costs down. Payer attendees discussed innovative ways to shift the paperwork burden from physicians to their office staffs. However, the work would remain in provider offices.

WRB Takes the Burden From Provider Offices

One way for providers to lift the paperwork burden is to partner with a health care contact center such as WRB, an EnvoyHealth company. WRB’s credentialed and experienced specialists work to smooth the path between provider and payer.

WRB delivers expert support for providers who need help with reimbursement services including benefit verifications, prior authorizations, and appeals. As a reimbursement hub service provider, WRB removes barriers to medication access, boosts patient compliance, and streamlines processes. This allows providers to spend more time with their patients and makes claim information more accurate for payers.

WRB delivers its support through multiple channels, including telephone, chat, email, text, and streamlined provider portals. We make it easy for providers to collaborate with payers. The result is less stress on provider offices and a better patient experience.

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