Dec 20, 2017

Health care is complicated. Advances in medicine bring promise, but treatments are becoming more intricate and expensive. This makes health literacy increasingly important.

Only about 9 percent of Americans understand all four of these basic health insurance terms: “health plan premium,” “health plan deductible,” “out-of-pocket maximum,” and “co-insurance.” That’s according to a recent UnitedHealthcare survey.

The survey found an increase of 2 percent over last year, possible due to patients’ increased willingness to use online applications. However, when it comes to help with specific issues, the survey found 84 percent prefer to speak with a live representative—up from 78 percent last year.

EnvoyHealth: Putting Patients First

EnvoyHealth’s experts put patients first—providing education to increase health care knowledge and access. Our reimbursement specialists make sure patients understand their insurance coverage and financial assistance options. Our clinicians provide disease- and drug-specific educational support.

We complement our patient-focused customer service with innovative technology. Our portal offers patients refill reminders, product usage alerts, and more.

Combining patient and provider portal data feeds, we offer providers real-time adherence and persistency data to help keep patients on therapy. We also leverage industry expertise to deliver customized learning sessions to health care providers—enabling further opportunities to improve patients’ health literacy.