Feb 19, 2015

As the rules of engagement for pharmaceutical sales evolve, the shrinking outside sales force must continue to adjust to the changing marketplace and client demands. IMS Health says that the sales model requires more than cutting back resources or altering titles to suit new roles. Superficial adjustments won’t suffice.

What will be the new sales model for pharma organizations?

A report from EvaluatePharma suggests already approved drugs currently marketed will make 2015 a massive year for pharma sales worldwide.

Complex changes in the healthcare industry must be met by an equally adaptable sales model, one that supports the intricacies of each organization as well as its economic pressures, regulatory complexities and customer requirements—all while maintaining an eye toward development of relationships and transparency of processes.

The preference for digital outreach gains ground daily.

According to a report from ZS Associates, sales reps are experiencing even more limited physician access. The firm says its poll of “200 pharmaceutical sales teams attributed the reduced access partly to consolidation in the payer/provider space.

Additional factors included tightly scheduled doctors and the influx of digitally inclined younger doctors who are interested in what pharmaceutical companies want to tell them, but would prefer to find out about it through mobile devices or other platforms.” Most physicians view sales reps as valuable sources of information; however, pharmaceutical companies need to look at different ways to get in front of their customers.

The multi-channel, tele-detailing sales model is effective.

Today, manufacturers must consider alternative methods such as tele-detailing and mobile channels to help sales representatives make connections and build long-lasting relationships as well as to reach decision-makers. Outsourcing to a healthcare call center with scalable, multi-channel capabilities works.

The idea is actually simple. An inside sales representative uses web-based technologies for e-detailing / video-detailing that allows a representative to share digital sales materials similar to a field representative using a tablet, just as physicians have indicated as their preference.

Outsourcing to a healthcare call center, such as WRB Communications, links knowledgeable, trained and credentialed sales representatives who deliver inside sales / tele-detailing support so a strong connection and relationship is made. Our staff is one of the most educated resources (and more readily available ones!) on a variety of drugs or devices.

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