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Speeding Up Clinical Trials With Remote Monitoring Support

Sep 28, 2017

Manufacturers of medical devices have traditionally used time-intensive methods to gather data from clinical trial participants. They have either observed office visits or given participants paperwork to complete at home. Today, remote patient monitoring (RPM) can streamline the process, automating data collection and transmission.

RPM involves mobile medical devices that send real-time data to clinical trial researchers. If the devices detect serious problems, they can immediately alert researchers, participants, and health care providers. This technology saves researchers time and money while making clinical trials more convenient for participants.

Manufacturers wishing to use RPM technology in clinical trials should contract with an experienced services provider. A hub can handle setup and technical support, freeing the manufacturer to focus on analyzing data.

Trusted Remote Monitoring Support

WRB, an EnvoyHealth company, provides white-glove customer care services—including remote patient monitoring and technical support for patients with medical devices. WRB’s product support for patients and providers extends through clinical trials, approval, launch, and beyond.

WRB services are provided by experts who care about building relationships with patients. These experienced specialists provide:

  • Technical support to help participants or health care providers with RPM product use
  • Technical assistance with participant and provider portals
  • Education on proper medical device use
  • Phone, email, or text reminders to participants who have not tested as scheduled
  • Outreach to providers who have followed up with participants as scheduled
  • Identification of product complaints and adverse events

As products become commercially available, WRB extends service support to patients and providers. Offerings include medical information, disease education, and reimbursement hub support (e.g., benefit verifications and prior authorizations).

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