Sep 21, 2017

Many patients have become involved in their care, but provider offices can still streamline their administrative processes. If done right, this can reduce workload while not only maintaining but also improving patient engagement.

Online provider portals allow offices to track patients throughout therapy and ensure adherence. Providers can use portals to access patient data and strengthen relationships with other offices quickly.

Better Technology, Better Care

WRB, an EnvoyHealth company, specializes in portal technology.

By partnering with WRB as your health care contact center, you gain access to our suite of technology and credentialed professionals—all here to help you care for your patients and improve your practice.

Our portal solution includes real-time alerts when providers need to take action, such as uploading documentation to enable patient access.

As a reimbursement hub services provider, WRB maintains proprietary technology to ensure the finest data, reporting, and documentation. Our interfaces help experienced WRB specialists maintain exemplary customer relationships.

Whether you need to outsource services, boost patient adherence, or gain access to medications, WRB removes barriers and streamlines processes—an advantage that benefits all provider offices.