Remote Patient Monitoring

EnvoyHealth performs services throughout the chain of information associated with remote patient monitoring. These include intervention, data collection, and customer support. Our end-to-end approach ensures medical devices and software are effective in unique patient situations.

Health Coaching

Our experts engage users at scheduled times and on demand, providing information that helps them set and achieve health and wellness goals. EnvoyHealth also coaches users via mobile apps and wearable devices.

Condition Management

EnvoyHealth educates patients and caregivers about their specific condition, increasing understanding and reinforcing adherence. Coaching is also conducted digitally via mobile apps or within the purchased wearable or device. Our clinicians also engage patients and caregivers through phone and webchat.

Clinical Research

EnvoyHealth’s clinical research team has deep experience in the digital health market. We understand the possibilities for helping clients make better treatment decisions and improve patients’ lives. We can design, operationalize, and analyze studies to measure device or software effectiveness and position manufacturers for long-term success.


We gather and analyze data on users’ routine behavior and direct interaction with services. This helps healthcare companies understand platform effectiveness and how to maximize outcomes. EnvoyHealth also leverages analytics to bolster our services for your unique program.