Turning Knowledge Into Action

EnvoyHealth offers a full data-reporting suite designed for flexibility, speed, and transparency. We synthesize information from many sources, always under our clients’ direction. You remain in control of your data. Our visually dynamic reports offer immediately actionable insights. Working together, we can improve program performance and identify new opportunities.

EnvoyHealth offers real-time reporting available online, including through mobile technology.

For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

EnvoyHealth’s portal allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to view predetermined and ad hoc reports of patient data. A dashboard gives manufacturers a transparent view of the patient journey. We report enrollment form receipt, dispensing, and outcomes—all in real time.

For Providers

EnvoyHealth’s portal allows health care providers to track patients’ therapy status, therapy channel, persistency, and adherence. Through the portal, providers can submit and receive reimbursement data and outcomes. Our portals alert providers when action needs to take place. Example actions include submitting documentation to help patients access therapy and sending notifications of patients who are no longer on therapy.

For Patients

Our portal provides patients with refill reminders, product usage alerts, and insights into their persistence and adherence. By combining patient and provider portal data feeds, we can offer providers real-time adherence and persistency data to help keep patients on therapy.