Clinical Research

Our clinical research services help you operationalize and solve real-world problems. EnvoyHealth combines a data-driven approach with a focus on the patient experience. View related blog posts

We can help you define study objectives and create concrete measurements based on your unique needs.

  • Customer- and patient-journey mapping
  • Focus group design and facilitation
  • Market and patient surveys
  • Observational and cohort studies
  • Program evaluation
  • Randomized clinical trials
  • Single-patient and small-group designs
  • User-centric program design

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We design unique engagement programs differentiated by our background in behavioral science. We ensure programs generate and measure appropriate outcomes.

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Connect with your ideal patient populations. Our unique access and robust infrastructure help all parties understand the patient experience.

  • Case-finding
  • Consent management
  • Data collection and integrity management
  • Eligibility evaluation
  • Incentive fulfillment
  • Monitoring

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With a full slate of data-collection and reporting capabilities, EnvoyHealth customizes processes and metrics to deliver actionable insights.

  • Between-groups and mixed-model evaluations
  • Customer segmentation development
  • Data-mining and insight discovery
  • Digital-biomarker development
  • Predictive modeling
  • Web analytics

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Gain true insights about the patient experience with EnvoyHealth’s blend of data management, data analytics, and findings interpretation.

  • Data analytics
  • Development of novel metrics
  • Efficacy-research design
  • Evaluation of existing metrics
  • Market surveys
  • Patient-journey mapping
  • Patient segmentations
  • Qualitative research, including focus groups
  • Review and recommendations of validated metrics

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We’ll help you share research and results with the industry to advance your business and the healthcare market.

  • Blogs
  • Conference presentations
  • Ebooks
  • Grant and proposal-response writing
  • Manuscript peer-reviews
  • Newsletters
  • Report writing
  • Trade articles
  • White papers

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