Working to Lower Payor Costs

We offer targeted cost trend management services for payors. Our solutions help our clients save time, allocate their resources effectively, and build stronger patient relationships.

Delegated Prior Authorization

Improving Utilization, Decreasing Paperwork

EnvoyHealth’s delegated prior authorization (PA) program reduces payors’ administrative burden with customizable utilization review for high-cost specialty medications under any benefit design.

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Formulary and Rebate Management

Securing Rebates—Transparently

EnvoyHealth fuels savings for payors by contracting with pharmaceutical manufacturers to secure rebates through processing and management in support of customized drug formularies.

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Medical Management

Ensuring Cost-Effective Patient Treatment

EnvoyHealth offers comprehensive medical management services to lower payor costs.

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Finding Quality Data—No Matter the Project

EnvoyHealth is a flexible partner in clinical research.

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Turning Knowledge Into Action

EnvoyHealth offers a full data reporting suite designed for flexibility, speed, and transparency.

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Turning Best Practices Into Common Practice

EnvoyHealth leverages Diplomat University’s industry expertise to offer clients learning sessions customizable in content and format.

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