Lowering Patients’ Costs

Foundation Funding Assistance

EnvoyHealth works with many funding sources, including 501(c)(3) foundations, to ensure patients can afford their medications.

Manufacturer Copay Assistance

EnvoyHealth has a suite of copay card services and vendor relationships, giving us maximum flexibility to carry out copay assistance eligibility screenings and benefit coordination.

We can accommodate patients’ preferred method of receiving copay assistance, whether by debit card, by check, electronically, or through other means. We also offer file transfers to the copay service vendors selected by our client partners. This allows those vendors to provide copay assistance and report service activation and program usage data to EnvoyHealth.

Our customer relationship management software aggregates this data, which is reportable by account, payor, patient demographic, program usage, and other data elements as desired. Real-time financial criteria checks allow EnvoyHealth to provide instant approvals over the phone with customers who meet the criteria. Our system has a built-in audit trail for compliance.