Connecting Manufacturers With Clients

EnvoyHealth can customize a cost-effective inside sales program to influence purchasing, usage, prescribing, or recommending of products or services. We reach physicians; nurses; office or hospital staff; pharmacists; and other health care providers. Methods include phone calls, emails, video detailing, online chat, and fax blasts, either as a sole sales force provider or to supplement an existing field sales force.

We understand the inner workings of medical offices, hospitals, and pharmacies, and we know how to gain access to decision makers, build relationships, and influence behavior. We work on behalf of clients to provide health care inside sales support, customizing our partnerships to meet client needs. We provide field collaboration, whitespace coverage, and/or vacant territory support to create virtual sales representatives and territories. Our lead generation programs identify and pass qualified leads to clients’ sales teams for follow-up. We offer extensive inside sales training to capitalize on those opportunities.