Streamlining Patient Access and Enrollment

EnvoyHealth’s noncommercial pharmacy streamlines patient access for pharmaceutical manufacturers, offering tailored dispense and distribution solutions. By coupling reimbursement and adverse-event reporting, our full-service intake and fulfillment system streamlines the supply chain. It relieves the burdens of eligibility determination and enrollment and gives manufacturers a complete patient access solution, no matter the program requirements. Ultimately, EnvoyHealth gets medications to the people who need them most.

Patient Assistance, Bridge, and Quick-Start Program Qualification and Dispense Support

EnvoyHealth’s noncommercial pharmacy is licensed in all 50 states; Washington, D.C.; and all U.S. territories to provide fulfillment and dispensing of consigned prescription products. We are adept at dispensing medications to uninsured or underinsured patients through patient assistance, bridge, and quick-start programs. Real-time financial criteria checks allow us to provide instant approvals over the phone with customers who meet the criteria. Our system has a built-in audit trail for compliance. Our in-house auditor can provide electronic income eligibility verification and an electronic audit trail.

EnvoyHealth’s noncommercial pharmacy holds product on consignment for speedy and accurate dispensing and shipment, complete with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. Our early-access programs allow patients taking medications in clinical trials to transition seamlessly to commercial coverage when those medications gain FDA approval.

Wholesale Distribution

EnvoyHealth is a licensed, registered wholesale pharmacy provider in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. We provide VAWD-accredited, secure warehousing and distribution for pharmaceutical manufacturers direct to pharmacies, providers, hospitals, and government purchasers. We excel at meeting inventory management and customer service–level requirements.

Third-Party Logistics Distribution Services

EnvoyHealth can coordinate warehousing and distribution services on behalf of manufacturers without taking ownership of the product. This allows us to provide custom supply-chain solutions for specialty and retail pharmaceutical products with unique warehousing and distribution needs.