Lowering Workloads and Increasing Patient Care Capacity

EnvoyHealth’s customizable, multilingual practice management solution saves providers time and money. We help increase engagement and satisfaction through the entire patient journey.

Welcome and Adherence Calls
We can provide welcome calls and adherence monitoring, helping patients start and stay on therapy.
Reimbursement Management
We can carry out benefits investigations and verifications under the medical and pharmacy benefits. We can also work with providers’ offices to complete prior authorizations and appeals, saving staff time.
Patient Communication
We can guide patients through any or all stages of engagement, including screening; onboarding and education; appointment booking and confirmation; appointment cancelation and rescheduling; and proactive appointment reminder calls.
Prescription Support
We can communicate prescription requests to office staff, ensuring they have the information to serve patients quickly.
Automatic Task Coordination
We can assign tasks to medical staff, notifying them immediately and helping providers coordinate their practices.
After-Hours Patient Access
We can offer patients support after the regular close of business, effectively extending providers’ office hours and eliminating the need to check voicemail.
Backup Phone Support
During busy times or staff absences, we can provide backup phone support, lowering overhead cost and patient wait times.

Medical Information

Connecting Patients With Manufacturer-Approved Information

We provide disease-state education and medical information for patients and their health care providers.

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Customer Care

Educating Medical-Device Patients

We offer premier, white-glove call center services to support new patient onboarding and medical device orientation, compliance, patient reimbursement, and clinical issues.

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Market Insight

Turning Knowledge Into Action

EnvoyHealth offers a full data-reporting suite designed for flexibility, speed, and transparency.

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Turning Best Practices Into Common Practice

EnvoyHealth’s education department leverages industry expertise to offer customized learning sessions.

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