EnvoyHealth provides a full slate of multichannel technology and software services. Our eNav® patient care system incorporates clinical, technical and administrative expertise to create operational efficiencies and full transparency into the patient journey. EnvoyHealth is proud to offer customized technical solutions that fit individual client needs or license our products based on business need.

Data & Reporting

EnvoyHealth offers a full data-reporting suite. We synthesize information from many sources, always under our clients’ direction. You remain in control of your data. Our visually dynamic reports offer immediately actionable insights. Working together, we can improve program performance and identify new opportunities.

EnvoyHealth offers real-time reporting available online, including through mobile technology.

For Industry

EnvoyHealth’s portal gives healthcare organizations actionable insights through predetermined and ad hoc reports of patient data. A dashboard provides a transparent view of the patient journey. We report enrollment form receipt, dispensing, and outcomes—all in real time.

For Providers

EnvoyHealth’s portal allows healthcare providers to track patients’ therapy status, therapy channel, persistency, and adherence. Through the portal, providers can submit and receive data and outcomes. Our portals alert providers when action needs to take place. Example actions include submitting documentation to help patients access therapy and sending notifications of patients who are no longer on therapy.

For Patients

EnvoyHealth’s portal provides patients with refill reminders, product usage alerts, and insights into their persistence and adherence. By combining patient and provider portal data feeds, we can offer providers transparent views into the prescription process and patient access to medications, helping them keep their patients adherent to therapy.

Product Development

EnvoyHealth creates software for reporting, patient and provider engagement, program management, and more—delivering true predictive insight. Whether building from the ground up or updating existing architecture, we can meet client needs.

We work closely with clients throughout project planning, development, and testing to ensure their visions become reality. Our project leaders engage with clients early to ensure we understand the unique needs of each build. We develop applications with efficient turnaround. Finally, our quality assurance team ensures code is accurate, stable, and flexible.

Product Licensing

EnvoyHealth uses eNav®, a proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system. eNav’s business process management capabilities enable extensive configurability that can be licensed to support client needs.

Clients can automate workflows based on clinical programs, financial support, reimbursement assistance, therapy monitoring, or any other information in the system. eNav incorporates core services solutions such as eBV, ePA and mobile alerts when appropriate to increase speed to therapy.

eNav provides extensive data aggregation, including data from dispensing, functional, shipping, and telephone systems. It moves our clients up the business intelligence curve from reporting to true predictive insight.

We work closely with clients to gather requirements for, customize, test, and deploy their implementation of eNav. We can license this development as an extension of other services or as a standalone cost.

IT Outsourcing

When clients want to accelerate in-house acumen or augment their resources without partnering offshore, EnvoyHealth is there. Our customer-focused service desk provides personalized support to enhance existing software and streamline operations. No matter the project, our team builds a client-specific solution that exceeds expectations and maximizes results.


Leveraging technical knowledge and robust experience, EnvoyHealth dives deep into clients’ processes and applications to find areas of improvement to help them succeed.