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The Digital Health Age Has Arrived

Mar 26, 2018

Editor’s note: Derek Cothran, senior vice president of client strategy and development at EnvoyHealth, contributed to this post.

Look at your mobile device, the fitness tracker on your wrist, or the weight scale in your house. It’s clear that consumers are more tech-savvy and engaged in their health than ever.

The key question is what we can do with this information. Can it advance wellness, treat disease, and—ultimately—improve patient outcomes?

This is quickly being answered by payers, manufacturers, health systems, consumer-electronics companies, software giants, and regulators. This seemingly disparate group is transforming how we identify, treat, manage, and prevent disease. Using digital health (and the more defined category of “digital therapeutics”), we can engage patients in ways we never could before.

Put simply, digital health enables patients to track their progress through apps or wearable devices.

With more than 300,000 health-related applications and 300 wearable devices on the market, neither interest nor investment is lacking. Wearable-device companies like Fitbit and Striiv have considerable market presence.

This relatively new market is moving to the next step for regulatory guidance, with payer reimbursement coming soon. The FDA has put significant effort into shaping the market—enabling digital therapeutics to enhance traditional medical practice and perhaps act as standalone therapy.

The FDA’s Digital Health Software Precertification Program establishes a voluntary pathway for regulatory review of digital therapeutics. This review is more flexible than the pathway for more traditional medicines. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and other large payers should be quick to follow.

Some of the world’s largest companies—including Express Scripts, United Healthcare, Pfizer, and Novartis—have leapt into the mix. Many are looking to leverage existing products and therapies by companies like Propeller Health, Pear Therapeutics, Voluntis, and Empatica.

The digital health age has arrived. And EnvoyHealth is at the forefront—forging partnerships and delivering customized solutions that bring healthcare innovators closer to patients. The services industry has done good work bringing technology closer to the payer; EnvoyHealth is focused on bringing technology closer to the patient.

EnvoyHealth’s digital-health solutions focus on engaging with patients and caregivers anytime, anywhere. We can extend your reach through digital-health solutions that help patients adhere to therapy while bringing you valuable data. Our solutions can be delivered via apps, wearables, or other devices. These include:

  • Remote patient monitoring: We support healthcare organizations throughout the chain of remote patient monitoring, including intervention, data collection, and customer support.
  • Health coaching: We help patients set and achieve health and wellness goals through mobile apps and wearable devices.
  • Condition management: We can reach out as an extension of your team to educate patients and caregivers about specific conditions.
  • Clinical research: We’ll leverage our digital-health experience to design, operationalize, and analyze studies.
  • Analytics: We’ll gather and analyze important data about patients’ behavior to help you understand how to maximize patient outcomes.

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