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Gaining Access on Providers’ Terms

Sep 7, 2017

Pharmaceutical manufacturers want to increase their access to provider offices. But it’s not always clear how to do this, and manufacturers don’t always have the resources to support intensive provider contact. Meanwhile, providers’ overwhelming workloads can prevent them from seeking product information from manufacturers.

To bridge this gap, manufacturers must listen actively to providers and respond with concise, accurate information about their products. They must also align with providers’ hectic schedules. By making it easy for providers to gain product knowledge, manufacturers build trusting relationships that drive adoption of their medications.

Outsourcing Sales Helps Build Provider Relationships

Using a third-party inside sales team, manufacturers can engage a broad base of providers. WRB, an EnvoyHealth company, is experienced working with manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical devices, and more. With a foundation of clinical and product knowledge, our dedicated inside sales professionals deliver comprehensive information to providers—consistent with manufacturer brands.

WRB can scale its involvement according to each manufacturer’s resources, acting as a supplemental or sole sales force. We work with manufacturers to develop short-term tactics (such as formulary announcements) and long-term strategies. Then we engage providers on their terms through telephone, video, chat, fax, or email, making it easy to build lasting business relationships.

As provider relationships expand, WRB can provide a full suite of complementary services on behalf of manufacturers, including reimbursement hub supportmedical information and disease education, and overall customer care. We help manufacturers win and keep providers’ business for the long term.

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