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Human Touch: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Medical Devices

Oct 5, 2017

Remote patient monitoring uses mobile medical devices to collect and transmit patient data to health care providers in real time—without disrupting patients’ lives.

For the best results, patients must understand how these devices work and how to use them. Unfortunately, even patients who learn every function of a new smartphone or flat-screen TV might not understand the workings of their medical devices. Meanwhile, providers might not know the most effective ways to use these devices or interpret their data. Inefficient or uninformed use of medical devices can hinder patient care.

Patients using medical devices—and their providers—can benefit from a third-party company that provides education, technical support, and monitoring assistance. EnvoyHealth can help them get the most out of devices and leave them free to focus on treatment.

A Working Medical Device Can Save Lives and Money

WRB, an EnvoyHealth company, supports remote patient monitoring technologies. We build communicative relationships between the patient who uses the device and the provider who interprets the data, helping increase patient adherence.

Our services include reminders to patients via outbound calls, emails, or texts; general product information and education; technical support; and documentation of adverse events and product complaints.

WRB delivers support through multiple channels, including telephone, chat, email, text, and streamlined provider portals. We make it easy for providers to collaborate with payers. The result is less stress on provider offices and a better patient experience.

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