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Improving Patient Engagement Through Technology

Oct 19, 2017

Health care executives and clinicians discussed patient engagement technology in a recent New England Journal of Medicine survey.

Respondents emphasized the advantages of predictive analytics—techniques for data-mining, statistical modeling, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence used to create more effective treatment plans. More than 50 percent said one of the top three benefits of patient engagement tools was their potential to create an information ecosystem allowing for better treatment plans and more timely intervention.

Other top benefits for using patient engagement technology included:

  • Supporting patients in efforts to be healthy
  • Communicating to providers about how patients are doing outside the clinic
  • Augmenting capabilities of brick-and-mortar health systems

One survey respondent—Kevin Fowler, founder of a patient engagement and advocacy consulting firm—emphasized that patients must collaborate on the design of patient engagement tools. Fowler said technology developers should also segment patients within disease categories to best understand how to engage with them.

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