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Leading-Edge Technology for a Complex Market

Apr 27, 2018

Editor’s note: Jenny Cretu, senior vice president of pharma services and marketing, contributed to this post.

Healthcare innovators can’t afford to wait for technology solutions. As complex products come to market, innovators must find a partner with the resources and expertise to deftly manage evolving patient pathways and regulations.

A highly focused customer relationship management (CRM) platform can be a game-changer. Comprehensive patient access and engagement technology—focused on scalability, security, and ability to deliver actionable insight—is a crucial enabler.

With years of experience customizing programs for fluent care, EnvoyHealth invested in developing our cloud-based eNav® CRM platform. This cutting-edge software empowers agile solutions, incorporating best practices for:

  • Custom workflow management
  • Data capture and exchange
  • Call center and noncommercial pharmacy integration
  • Clean translation to patient, provider, and field-sales portals

This proprietary CRM platform captures all program interactions and offers real-time reporting. This helps us deliver invaluable market insight to healthcare innovators.

eNav leverages a service-oriented architecture, setting EnvoyHealth apart from vendors with one-size-fits-all solutions. We customize our technology by client, brand, and services, maximizing transparency and options for you, your patients, and your providers.

Investing in eNav has enabled EnvoyHealth to streamline weighty processes, reduce time to therapy, and simplify intake and access for patients and providers. Connecting the healthcare delivery team through technology drives more successful outcomes for patients and greater insight for our partners.

EnvoyHealth’s custom technology solutions focus on quickly moving partners to the forefront of innovation. Developing solutions to improve the delivery of patient care and create unique insight is in our DNA.

We focus deliberately on the dynamics and needs of our market. This results in solutions with more value for healthcare innovators. These solutions include:

  • Data & Reporting: We give healthcare innovators an edge, moving them up the intelligence curve from data-gathering to true predictive insight. We collect comprehensive patient data and tailor its delivery to you.
  • Product Development: We’ll work with you to create a technology roadmap with iterative solutions to meet your timelines.
  • Product Licensing: We’ll leverage the power of eNav to develop custom workflows and implementation, helping you gather data and increase speed to therapy.
  • IT Outsourcing: Extend your acumen without hiring. We’ll provide personalized IT support that enhances your existing software and streamlines your operations.
  • Consulting: With our streamlined technology and focus on lean operational models, EnvoyHealth can help identify ways to make your processes and applications more efficient.

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