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Looking Ahead: 4 Things Manufacturers & Their Patients Will Need in 2019

Jan 24, 2019

From traditional services to emerging trends, EnvoyHealth concentrates on what matters most to patients and partners.

Editor’s note: Derek Cothran, senior vice president of client strategy and development at EnvoyHealth, contributed to this post.

I’m amazed by how much our industry has grown. Over the holiday season, dozens of articles tried to predict what 2019 would bring for healthcare — specifically in patient services.

Leveraging our vast experience in this space, the EnvoyHealth team constantly takes stock of changing times to refine our strategy for supporting manufacturer partners.

With that in mind, EnvoyHealth has four key areas of focus for this year.

1. Connected-Care Models for Small-to-Midsize Markets
Manufacturers that target small-to-midsize populations require a specific engagement model for their patients and caregivers. To meet their needs, EnvoyHealth will continue to execute our connected-care strategy while leveraging technology companies that bring value to manufacturers. Our strategic approach to allocating resources allows us to best support smaller markets — both individually and as part of diverse pharma portfolios.

2. A Strong Foundation of Core Services
Traditional services still matter. Health plans, PBMs, and other players are looking for ways to manage costs impacted by shifting market dynamics. (The effect on patients of a world without rebates’ is still undefined.)

Basic services, like benefit verification and prior authorizations, are more about know-how than sleek technology. EnvoyHealth is prepared to use newer technologies where appropriate (including eBV, ePA, and automated screening). But we know these tools are not the cure-all

3. Program Development & Real-World Applications That Strengthen Manufacturer Programs
Service design and implementation are like taking off and landing the plane; they’re the most important parts of the flight. Our leadership team believes that consultation should be expected and delivered whenever it serves the partner’s goals — whether during the sales process or implementation. As we grow our team, we hold true to this philosophy.

4. Digital Health Technology That Engages Patients
Ready or not, digital health is now vital for successful manufacturer programs. While many providers still communicate via phone calls and faxes, more patients and caregivers prefer digital communication and health-management tools. App-based technology is critical to the success of patient engagement. We’re proud to be a pioneer in this space, and we will continue to implement digital solutions for our partners while balancing the use of traditional services.

What’s coming up next?
We look forward to sharing our story and services with you throughout 2019. Look for announcements from EnvoyHealth throughout the year.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be venturing to HIMSS, CBI HUB, CBI PAP, and DTx West. We’d love to see you there! To learn more, visit our website or contact me on LinkedIn.

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