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Telehealth: Increasing Patient Access & Adherence

Nov 9, 2017

Health care providers are under increasing pressure to ensure therapies are necessary, evidence-based, and cost-effective. Telehealth has emerged to make value-based care more convenient and efficient. Using available information and technologies, providers can deliver care and education remotely, saving cost and easing patient adherence to therapy.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Home telehealth, also called remote patient monitoring (RPM), is one simple and useful telehealth method. RPM involves wearable medical devices that gather patient health data and securely transmit it to their health care provider. Data monitoring can be continuous or occur at a particular time each day.

RPM helps the provider make quicker and more accurate treatment recommendations. It improves outcomes while saving patients the time and cost of trips to the emergency room. It is especially useful for patients in rural areas, augmenting their limited access to providers.

EnvoyHealth: Adding the Human Element

RPM is a useful tool, but it is meant to support—not replace—relationships. EnvoyHealth brings the human element to this service. We deliver white-glove customer care to help providers and patients use medical devices. Our knowledgeable specialists provide welcome calls, product information and use instructions, and ongoing adherence support.

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