Redefining Digital Health

As individuals, we’ve never had more ways to take control of our health. With the growth of digital health technologies, it’s increasingly common to track aspects of personal wellness—including steps, sleep, and diet—through wearables and mobile apps. Digital health should get manufacturers as close to patients as possible. But it often falls short, creating a good but fractured experience. That’s where EnvoyHealth is stepping in.

EnvoyHealth’s Approach

We believe in a true connected-care experience that meets patients where they work, live, and play. Our approach focuses on onboarding and supporting patients through traditional means while delivering engaging information to them in ways they want to receive it. Our model seamlessly blends traditional patient access services with innovative technologies. Through our technology platform, patient-focused heritage, and network of digital partners, EnvoyHealth can create a meaningful experience that manufacturers will want to offer their patients.

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